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Living with a chronic illness is really freaking tough. My range of capacity goes up and down unpredictably. Some days I can cycle and do an active practice, some days I have trouble getting from my bed to the bathroom without help. It can change from moment to moment.

My yoga practice is not about mastering new poses but is about showing up everyday and doing what I can. It helps. It helps me feel less alienated from my body while living with chronic pain.

Lyme treatment is brutal. Killing the bacteria makes me really sick, sicker than I’ve ever been. My practice helps to flush out the old bacteria and toxins and move through nausea. On a good day, it can even help me find some peace in the struggle.

Why I am blogging about this? 

I’m writing this blog to offer insight as to some of the struggles that can come with ongoing illness.

I’m writing this blog to offer skills I’ve learned in finding ways to show up on the really hard days, the pretty good days, and everything in between.

I am writing this blog because I am slowly recovering. From having been bedridden and going through anaphylactic shock multiple times a day to getting back out in the world. This recovery is hard and complicated but the path might be useful to others.

I’m writing this blog because there is a cultural silence around chronic Lyme and I break silences where I find them. If you are struggling, you are not alone.